We would love the opportunity to tell you about how our property management services can help you get the maximum return on your investment. If your single or multifamily property is located in Portland, 俄勒冈州, our team of experts can provide the market analysis, 营销计划, 风险管理, and asset management informed by our local expertise and regional experience.


没有人能在一个屋檐下拥有你需要的一切. Our family of companies can assist you with property management, 房主协会管理, and the maintenance and repair of your home or investment property. We've been innovating property management in Portland 俄勒冈州 since 1985.



You deserve a property manager who cares as much about your investment property as we do. 我们对波特兰OR市场的深入了解, 太平洋西北地区的专家, and 120+ talented employees make us the local leader in service and property performance. We're dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial goals through superior property management. 


We're in the business of making life better for people. Our track record of client retention and resident satisfaction speaks volumes. 我们可以告诉你我们了解波特兰, 俄勒冈州 metro area's rental real estate market better than anyone. But the best way to understand what we do is to hear it described by the people we serve!


非常专业,反应迅速. They were very efficient and answered all of my questions. 我喜欢和Jeanna一起工作,她是最棒的.

沙龙 & 格里的一个.


We enjoy everything about living at Galaxie Sellwood! 我们搬进来的时候,公寓是一尘不染的, 我们喜欢建筑的便利设施, as well as the building location-close to everything you need. 萨凡纳(恰当的. 下.) could not have been more helpful in describing the apartments and the Sellwood area as we were renting from out of state. 正如她所描述的那样. Having a manager who’s personable and helpful is essential when moving to a new area. 



有条理、知识渊博、专业! Would certainly recommend them to any investor looking to invest in the Northwest!


Real estate investment has shown year after year to be the best short-term and long-term investment; you can generate cash flow, 享受税收优惠, 以及通过升值增加价值. It’s also a great asset to add for your retirement portfolio.

If you’re unsure of how to analyze a potential investment, we are here to help you. 我们的波特兰, 俄勒冈州 Property Management 茶m can provide the best financial analysis, 营销计划, 风险管理, and asset management by using our local expertise and regional experience. 看看我们 旧版皇冠2020手机版资源. These 资源 can apply to single or multifamily properties and are used by most lenders in assessing potential loans for investment properties. Whether you are purchasing your first investment property or adding to your current portfolio, 我们有专业知识, 资源, and connections to help you make the best investment possible. Our Management 茶m can help you in the due diligence phase of your purchase from inspections, 租金和存款协议审计, 投标的改进, 租赁市场调查以预测收益, 并对研究进行预算以评估潜在的费用. 在管理您的财产时, we are always on the lookout for ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses. Most of our properties participate in an annual property tax appeal process saving thousands of dollars each tax year.

Let us help you build and maximize your real estate investments!

We love Portland as much as you do - for many reasons!

波特兰是绿色的, 这是一个千禧城市, 它有一种随意悠闲的氛围, 而且离峡谷只有很短的路程, 俄勒冈州海岸, 火山口湖, Mt. 胡德和哥伦比亚河. It’s got great neighborhoods too - like the Pearl District, 密西西比州大道, 鹅空心, 格兰特公园, 森林山庄, 头山, 南方的海滨, 还有很多其他的. 

There are lots of things to do in the outdoors in Portland, 例如参观玫瑰花园, 的洞穴, 请公园, 的庄园, 霍伊特植物园, 橡树堡野生动物保护区, and finally taking the epic trip on the one-of-a-kind Portland Aerial Tram.

Portland is known for its extraordinary coffee served up at great coffee shops like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, 心的咖啡, Coava咖啡烘焙机, 难以置信的乐队, Spella咖啡, 纯正的咖啡, 大教堂的咖啡, 和Tov咖啡 & 茶.

We can’t forget the unforgettable Portland food carts like Gumba and Matta on Alberta Street and Matts BBQ on Mississippi or Jojo and Holy Trinity BBQ on Powell, 还有Kee 's Loaded Kitchen, 维京灵魂食物和宝贝蓝柴火披萨.

When you’ve had enough of Portland fabulous food and need to get a little exercise, grab your bike or take advantage of Portland’s Bike-Share program. There are so many bike trails both in and around Portland like the Waterfront Loop, 大东区步道环路, Eastbank平坦空地, or head to Sauvie Island Farms and pick your own peaches or buy your favorite vegies.

Sports in 俄勒冈州 are a fun time for any age or activity level. 在山上滑雪和滑雪. 罩或太. 本科, 在南瓜岭打高尔夫球, Heron Lakes or the Reserve and kayaking or canoeing on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.


The 布兰顿共用 Apartment Community features modern, thoughtfully-designed spaces in a fantastic Portland metro location. Its spacious one or two-bedroom homes have features and finishes you'll appreciate. 地址:16919 SW Blanton St 比佛顿,或97078
Enjoy relaxation and recreation at Galaxie 公寓 in the lively neighborhood of Sellwood in Portland, 俄勒冈州. The urban setting complements the modern interior and exterior amenities you'll love, including green building features and free wifi in the lobby. Located at 7400 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland OR 97202.
真实的阁楼. 现代设施.
Features stainless steel appliances, large windows, secure fob entry, in-unit washer & dryer, and easy bike access to Springwater Corridor. 从5个不同的平面图中选择! 位于波特兰第六大道东南8130号,邮编97202.


我们在波特兰经营物业, 俄勒冈州, 温哥华, 华盛顿, 和三城”, 华盛顿大都会地区. 我们服务的波特兰地区包括:

比佛顿, Tigard, Tualatin, Wilsonville, 格雷沙姆, Troutdale, 西斯波罗, 森林林, 奥斯维戈湖, Clackamas, 光明面, Milwaukie, 欢乐谷, 俄勒冈州的城市, 西瀑布, 和更多的!